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After winning 8 prestigious International Awards in field of Health, Safety, and Environment Management, BSC grants Milaha “Sword of Honour 2022 Award” in London, UK.

  9 December 2022

Milaha has received today (9 December 2022) the British Safety CouncilBritish Safety Council Sword of Honour 2022 Award” in London, UK, appreciation for its efforts and commitment towards world-class” health, safety, and standards of environmental management.

Meanwhile, the BSC has awarded Milaha four of each of the prestigious Sword of Honour” and Globe of Honour” and now has been awarded the Sword of Honour for a fifth consecutive year and the Globe of Honour for a fourth year consecutively.

Milaha was one of only 4 organizations worldwide that won the double”, both the Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour in 2022 and the only one to win multiple (4) of these.

Since the broke out of Covid pandemic in 2020, international companies faced tremendous health, safety, and environmental challenges. As a pioneering company, Milaha also experienced the same challenges, however, with the grace of exerted endeavors, it managed to overcome them by implementing strict health, safety, and environment management precautionary measures which led to winning these BSC’s awards.

It’s to be recalled that Milaha has won these awards after achieving the maximum five stars in the British Safety Councils health, safety, and environmental management review scheme based on demonstrating to an independent panel of international experts the meeting of industry best practices for health, safety, and the environment.

On his turn, Peter McKittrick, Chairman of the British Safety Council, said: On behalf of the board of trustees and staff of the British Safety Council, I would like to congratulate Milaha on achieving the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental management. Achieving recognition of this sort takes real dedication and absolute professionalism. We are proud to support your organization in its achievement and delighted we can contribute to your ongoing success”.

Eng. Mohammed Abdulla Swidan, Milaha IPCEO has received theSword of Honour 2022” Award with presence of Muna AlBader, the VP of Corporate Communications, and the Vice President of HSSEQ Dean Prince.

by achieving these awards, Milaha has positioned itself among the top international companies and winnersthat demonstrated health, safety, and environmental excellence during work.

Sword Honor 2022 PCEO Milahateam DSC08314A

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