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Why Join Milaha?

By continuously challenging the status quo, Milaha today is a large, diversified holding company with core interests in maritime transport, logistics, port management, and offshore marine services.
Milaha is a genuinely diverse company in respect of its offering portfolio and, most importantly, our dedicated colleagues. Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures, our values are what we have in common and keep us connected.


Career Opportunities

We’re always eager to meet fresh talent, so check out our current openings. 

Find your next job at Milaha.


Seagoing Careers

With over a decade of experience in LNG and LPG shipping, transporting clean energy is at our core. We are always looking for passionate, dedicated, and experienced seafarers to join our growing fleet as we journey toward creating a sustainable future.


The development of the Qatari workforce, through proper education and training, is now a primary national objective designed to enhance the development march in the country. Milaha offers a unique training program called "Alnokheda" to Qatari nationals as part of its attempts to foster and develop local talent. It's an eighteen months training and development program that allows Qataris to demonstrate their learning progress through rotations, training courses, coaching, and mentoring.

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