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Milaha Line (ML) began service between Dubai and Doha in 1995. ML’s operations had expanded to include locations in the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, and East Africa by 2007. We also began liner operations in Europe, covering the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, at the end of 2018. ML currently covers Europe, the GCC, and the Indian subcontinent with a container fleet of over 13,700 TEUs comprised of 20′ Standard Dry Containers, 40′ Hi-Cube Dry Containers, 40′ Hi-Cube Refrigerated Containers, and special equipment such as open tops and flat racks.

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1 Milaha General Terms and Conditions Pdf 233.06 KB 27 November 2022
2 Container Shipping Quality Policy Pdf 154.7 KB 10 October 2022
3 Container Shipping ISO Certificate – DXB Pdf 226.58 KB 10 October 2022
4 Container Shipping ISO Certificate – DOH Pdf 228.29 KB 10 October 2022
5 Container Shipping Health and Safety Policy Pdf 153.04 KB 10 October 2022
6 Milaha Container Shipping Environmental Policy Pdf 151.13 KB 10 October 2022
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