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Over the last 20 years, Milaha Ship Management (MSM) has been committed to delivering world-class services that meet the highest safety, operational, environmental standards.

Based in Doha and Mumbai, MSM leverages its experience of currently managing over 70 vessels, including tankers, product carriers, container ships and offshore vessels, to offer customers safe and cost-effective asset management.


Management Services

  • Milaha

    Technical Management

    • Management of owned and third party vessels, ranging from Tankers, Containers, Harbor and range of Offshore vessels including Diving.
    • Management of the vessels with optimized cost
    • Impeccable safety record
    • Proactive approach to planned maintenance
    • ISM and ISO certified
  • Milaha

    Project Management

    • Vessel inspections – pre-purchase or 3rd party
    • On-time and on-budget delivery
    • Manage projects, from dry docking to vessel upgrades, for multiple ship types in Qatar and around the world
  • Milaha

    Harbour Operations

    • Vessel berthing and unberthing operations
    • Operation of harbor tugs, pilot boats and mooring boats
    • Jetty support with mooring gangs and berthing assistants
    • Maintaining 24/7 operations
  • Milaha

    Crew Management

    • Extensive experience in arranging multinational crew for wide variety of ships, from tankers to container ships and offshore vessels
    • Centres in Doha and Mumbai with valid RPSL licenses
    • In-house ship handling simulator training
    • Agreement with a reputed training institute in Mumbai to provide dedicated training for crew
    • New, dedicated CMS software commissioned that can link to Oracle

We provide transparency and visibility by tracking the following:

  • Milaha Range of HSSEQ metrics, including LTIF, TRCF, AIFR, RWC, MTC, MVV
  • Milaha Fleet cost per hour, broken down into detailed components
  • Milaha Financial outlays for materials and services, covering opex and capex
  • Milaha Vessel availability
  • Milaha Vessel inspections and findings per inspection (class, port state control, 3rd party)
  • Milaha Dry docking schedule
  • Milaha Computer based Planned Maintenance System (PMS)
  • Milaha Management of spares and onshore inventory

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